The international tournament Karate 1 Premier League


The international tournament “Karate1. Premier League” took place in Tyumen, Russia, on April 13-14. 234 athletes from 26 countries participated in the event. The fights were held in 14 categories. Evgeny Alyokhin (Russia, weight class under 60 kg), Mikhail Davydov (Russia, over 84 kg), Elena Ponomaryova (Russia, under 50 kg), Olga Malofeeva (Russia, under 61 kg), Alisa Buchinger (Austria, under 68 kg), Masa Martinovich (Croatia, over 68 kg) won gold medals in the Individual Kumite.

On the first day of the international tournament Karate 1 Premier League on April 13, sportsmen competed in 7 categories in Sport Complex Tsentralny in Tyumen. The Russians have managed to win three medals in individual kumite. Evgeny Alyohin (Tyumen, weight category under 60 kg), whose fans were supporting him very actively throughout the fights.


The second day of the tournament Karate 1 Premier League has begun in the Sport Complex Tsentralny in Tyumen. 234 sportsmen from 26 countries will perform on tatami for two days of the tournament. Among them there are exceptional karatekas.


The participants of the international tournament Karate 1 Premier League will bring  back unusual souvenirs from Tyumen. Local artist Vitaly Lazarenko, inspired by the beauty of martial arts, is painting potraits of the karatekas and presenting them to those depicted in the portraits.


Arman Makyan, the coach of the Armenian team, told us about a crucial role of karate in his family. The sportsman met his future wife at a training: Lusine Grigoryan and Arman Makyan used to attend the same trainings in their youth.

General Secretary of the World Karate Federation (WKF)  George Yerolimpos tells about Karate 1 in Tyumen: "Different cities and countries applied to host the present tournament. But we need to expand the area of holding tournaments, so we chose Russia. We didn`t choose Moscow, because it often hosts tournaments and championships in different kinds of sports".


Five most perspective karatekas of the regional federation among adults represent Tyumen in the tournament: Evgeny Alyohin, Vladimir Kalashnikov, Alexander Ivanov, Alfina Khaliullina, Andrey Kozlov.

Events in 7 categories took place on the first day of the tournament Karate 1 Premier League. Inga Sherozia (Russia, St Petersburg, weight category under 68 kg) and Evgeny Alyohin (Russia, Tyumen, under 60 kg) have become finalists in individual kumite.


The luncheon with the organizers of the international tournament Karate 1 Premiere League took place on April 12 in the hotel Spasskaya. General Secretary of the World Karate Federation George Yerolimpos, Vice President of the European Karate Federation Vasily Kraynikovsky, Head of Sports and Youth Policy Department of the Tyumen Region Dmitry Gramotin and Vice President of the Russian Karate Federation Andrey Potapov had a meeting with the journalists.

The mass event From WKF, with the main symbol of the international project The K is on the way in support of the inclusion of karate into the Olympics 2020, took place in Russia on March 26. The letter K arrived from the heart of the World Karate Federation (WKF), Madrid, in the Siberian city of Tyumen, in the run-up to the international tournament Karate 1 Premiere League. The tournament will be held there on April 13-14.

International tournament Karate 1 Premiere League will take place in the Russian city of Tyumen (Siberia) on April 13-14. Sportsmen from 25 countries have applied for participation in the tournament. We are expecting karate stars such as Rafael Aghayev and Shahin Atamov (Azerbaijan), Luis Alberto Trevino (Colombia), Enes Erkan (Turkey) etc.

In the run-up to the world tournament Karate 1 Premiere League, which will take place in Tyumen (Russia), in April, the world champion in the open-weight category Predrag Stoyatdinov will make a three-day visit to Siberia.

The international tournament Karate 1 Premier League will take place in Sport Complex Tsentralnyin Tyumen on April 12-14, 2013. About 1000 sportsmen from different countries are expected to take part in the competition.

Tyumen celebrated World Karate Day on October 6-8.  Customers in commercial entertainment centres Gudvin and Premier became participants of a photosession with badges to support an international project, The K is on the way,  in order to include karate into the Olympics. Over 1 thousand photos were taken in 2 days. On the last day of the campaign the pupils of the Regional Specialized Karate School for Juniors performed model fights to attract attention to the event.

Tyumen will celebrate World Karate Day on October 6-8.  On the first floor of  the commercial entertainment centre, Gudvin, in front of the Cinema-Park entrance,  customers will become participants of the photosession with badges to support the international project, The K is on the way,  in order to include karate in the 2020 Olympics. The best shots will be selected and will become part of an enormous art-display which will be fixed in the centre of Tyumen.


This weekend the sportsmen of the Tyumen region karate team will take part in 2 tournaments simultaneously. The European Championship in karate Shotokan will take place in Moscow on November 5-7. These competitions are accredited by The World Karate Federation, and one can suppose that the level of the championship will be quite high, taking into account the participants.

The Tyumen region team, consisting of Vladimir Kalashnikov, Andrey Kozlov and Eugeniy Alyohin, is going to the next step of the world competitions, Primiere League Karate ,1 on September 21. The event will take place in Hanau (Germany) on September 22-23.